UrgencyMED Occupational Medicine, Fresno

 We've merged !!  F.I.R.M. Associates is now UrgencyMED


UrgencyMED occupational medical clinic in Fresno is recognized for high-quality  injury care and Workers' Comp cost control.  Our superior track record  for  expedited  case  closure can  be  attributed  to our emphasis on functional return-to-work,  prompt communication,  and personalized service for   greater   employer  and  employee  satisfaction.    To  better  serve  you,  communication  protocols  are  customized  to  meet  your  company requirements.   Effective January 2016 FIRM Associates merged with Monterey Peninsula Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute.  Our Fresno clinic operates under the name UrgencyMED.
Our Mission
Since our inception, UrgencyMED has  been  dedicated  to combating the epidemic of poor quality care and excessive costs in the Workers' Comp system. Today, hundreds of employers in the Fresno area depend on UrgencyMED for successful cost management backed by a full range of occupational medical services.  UrgencyMED industial medical clinic is adjacent to 41 freeway providing convenient access for businesses throughout the greater Fresno area. As a "preferred provider" on most MPN networks,  UrgencyMED provides the quality care you expect and the communication you need to resolve injury cases in the shortest possible time.